Kelly McGillis Top Gun Jacket


Kelly McGillis Maverick Top Gun Black Faux Leather Jacket

Kelly McGillis is a skillful actress of Hollywood who is known for portraying one of the notable characters in the Top Gun movie. 
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The actress was praised greatly for her confident acting and the amazing apparel she wore throughout the movie. When talking about those apparel, Kelly McGillis Top Gun Jacket is a product not to be left behind. This amazing jacket comes in deep black with 2 prominent patches embroidered on the front and the left sleeve

The patch on the chest endorses US force, whereas the patch on the left sleeve symbolizes the USS. The female garment has a metal zipper that is easy to use and two normal-sized pockets to keep your hands free by stuffing all the small stuff there. 

When talking about the material, we have used real/ Faux leather in manufacturing so that you can spend a good amount of time with it. 

Don’t worry about the stitching, as we get all of our products stitched by skillful and trusted craftsmen who have proper domain knowledge. The same is why we do not use a single drop of fabric glue or similar products at any step of manufacturing ( not even for sticking the cloth patches)

We have all possible sizes: XXL, XL, X, L, M, MS, S, XS, and even XXS. However, we do have limited stock. So make sure you book your order before anyone else does. 


  1. Made out of fine quality real leather that does not get easily torn
  2. Each part of the jacket is well-knitted with high-quality thread by trusted craftsmen
  3. Full sleeves with an embroidered patch on the left one
  4. A patch on the front
  5. Shirt style collar for extra elegance 
  6. Obtains a viscose lining to keep you warm in extremely cold weather as well


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