Top Gun Aviator Jacket


Men Captain Pete Michell Aviator MA-1 Flight Bomber Green Cotton Jacket

Top gun outfits have brought you another famous jacket of the movie worn by one significant character: Men’s Captain Pete Michell Aviator MA-1 Flight Bomber. This amazing clothing piece obtains all the aspects that you can ask for. For instance, it Comes In Three Bright Colors; pale green, brown, and deep black. Plus, it displays Two Embroidered Patches And Two Normal-Sized Pockets On The Front.
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Moreover, you will also find the flag of the USA (United States of America) showcased in the right sleeves that depicts cruise captain Pete’s tribute to his late father, who has served on the USS Galveston in the pacific ocean. 

The jacket comes with a Black-Colored Smooth And High-Quality Zipper Closure And Green-Colored Collars that will help you add a sense of decency to your personality. Like every other product of ours, this amazing apparel also obtains a Thick Viscose Lining that will grant you a cozy and warm feeling even in extremely cold weather. 

You can find the product in All Possible Sizes: 2xs, XS, S, M, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. But wait? You don’t know the size of your perfect fit?

Well! Don’t worry; we have the “Made To Measure System For You.” Just click on it and mention all the requested information, such as the chest, waist, and shoulder in inches, and our website will find the perfect fit for your body figure. 

However, to maintain quality, it is crucial for the wearer to always hang the jacket after wearing or after washing to let it dry naturally. Also, remember that low-quality cleaners and fabric soaps can ruin the overall appeal and quality of the product. So, don’t forget to choose and use a high-quality fabric cleaner- especially if you have soiled your jacket.

Rest, It Will Remain As New As It Will Be On The First Day.

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