Top Gun G-1 Leather Flight Jacket


Pete Maverick Aviator Top Gun G-1 Cowhide Bomber Leather Jacket

Being produced in the late 90s, this famous and breathtaking jacket gained popularity from the famous Tom Cruise movie: The Top Gun. The designers, however, did very smart work by pulling the old USN that was punched through the wind flaps in early models and adding those elegant vintage rack stitch knit bands.
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So, if you are that distinctive guy or girl who obtains a dissimilar ilk of fashion than other friends and relatives, then you have found the accurate product for yourself.

Tom Cruise’s Bomber Jacket comes in a deep black color. However, Multiple Colorful Embroidered Patches Are Displayed upon it that not only add a Unique Charm to its beauty but also Represent Different Countries Of The World. For instance, the symbols of England are showcased on the front of the jacket. However, remember that, unlike most other brands, we Do Not stick them using fabric glue. Instead, the patches are Properly Knitted Using High-Quality Material.

In addition, it obtains Big-Sized Front Pockets and Two Pockets On The Inside. Hence you now don’t have to carry those huge bags to keep all the small stuff along while traveling, as the pockets are there to take care of. 

The outer shell is made using soft, supple yet fine quality real leather that enables you to look more charming and feels as soft as a cream to the skin.

The rib cuffs are well knitted to enhance your overall elegance. 


  1. Made Out Of Premium Quality Real Leather 
  2. Well-Knitted Rib Cuffs
  3. Slim Fitted Jacket
  4. Available In All Possible Sizes- Look At The Size Chart.
  5. It Can Be Customized As Per Your Body Figure. 


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