Top Gun Maverick CWU Cotton Flight Jacket


Tom Cruise Top Gun CWU Grey Cotton Bomber Jacket

We proudly present to you the eye-catching and breathtakingly amazing TG CWU-36/P Movie Hero Flight Jacket by Cockpit USA, with way lesser prices than you usually find in the market.
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How Is This Designer Jacket Available At Much Lesser Prices? We know you are thinking about this question. Well! Please don’t get any second thoughts as we are here to clear out all your confusion.

So, how do we manage to reduce prices to such an extent? The idea is simple; We Replace Expensive Material With A Bit In-Expensive Yet Great Quality Material. For instance, we have replaced the Nomex material with a durable Nylon twill shell and a viscose lining so that you get the Same Great Quality At Affordable Rates.

Same as the movie, we have created this clothing piece in olive green color that has multiple colored patches being embroidered upon it.

The jacket also obtains a silver-colored zipper closure, shirt collar, and knitted cuffs to help you look like your favorite character from the movie. And not to forget, those beautiful turn-down collars are nothing but icing on the cake.

Features of the product

  1. The master copy of the original product, with 100 percent alignment.
  2. Premium quality nylon material is being used in its making to rest assure you get the best quality with lesser prices
  3. Silver-colored metal zipper that is smooth and time efficient to use
  4. Turn-down collars enhance the overall garment’s appeal.


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