Top Gun Womens Vegan Jacket


Top Gun Womens Vegan Black Bomber Leather Jacket

Top gun is still remembered as one of the best Hollywood productions that have used some styling women’s apparel for its female cast, such as the Kelly McGillis Top Gun Jacket. This beautiful and enchanting garment comes in a grayish black color that will perfectly go with your feminine virtues and beauty. [expander_maker id=”2″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Like the movie, our replicated jacket also obtained some embroidered patches on its front and sleeves to assure 100 percent alignment with the actual product. For the closure, we used a metallic zipper made of fine quality metal that would not get stuck while opening or closing your jacket. We know that purses and handbags are important aspects of women’s fashion. Yet, we are also fully aware of the fact that you can carry a bag with this rough and tough look.

The same is why we have incorporated two flap-down pockets at the front, where you can keep all of your miniature makeup, comb, or even your mobile phone. We have ensured the product’s top-notch quality by using real leather for the outer shell and viscose lining for the inner. 


This viscose lining will not only help to enhance quality but also keep you warm and comfortable in the cold climate. 

This defining outfit is perfect for you if you have outside exposure every day. Whether you are that sweet little college-going girl who wants to impress other girls on the first day, or you are a fun-loving girl who likes to get sudden attention from colleagues, this outfit is perfect for all occasions and all purposes. 


  1. Made out of high-quality leather material that lasts for decades.
  2. Obtains a viscose lining inside to help you feel warm and cozy in an extreme cold climate as well.
  3. Obtains spacious pockets to help you keep all your stuff.


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