Women Top Gun Flight Jacket


Women Top Gun Flight Antique Brown Bomber Leather Jacket

The winter mentioned above outfit is inspired by the same movie and comes in a deep black color that may seem gray in the sunlight. This unique apparel is made of real leather that is durable to last, tough to look, yet as soft as milk cream on the skin. Hence, you can now look tough from the outside while remaining sensitive and feminine from the inner side.  
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When talking about the collar, it is made out of fine quality fur that goes perfectly with the black color. 

The jacket also contains two side pockets with knitted cuffs that will grant your arm a sleek and more appealing look. What else do women want, right? 

In addition, it is a right fit outfit. That means it will grant you and your body a perfect shape. But wait, you don’t know your perfect fit? 

Well, Do Not worry, as we are here to help. We have a “Made to Measure system” to help you get your perfect outfit. Just click on it and provide all details, such as chest size, etc., and our system will suggest your perfect fit. Isn’t it amazing? 

We have a very limited stock of every Top Gun women’s jacket, and many women want to get them. So order yours before anyone else gets their hands upon them. SHOP NOW. 


  1. Knitted cuffs
  2. Made out of premium quality real leather
  3. Easy to wash and dry
  4. Full sleeves 
  5. Zipper closure 
  6. Two side pockets
  7. Perfectly fitted
  8. Available in all sizes


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